June 18, 2021



Get Your Website On Google ( Easy Way )

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Hello friends , Website is not showing in Google ???? in today’s video we will learn about getting our website in Google search engine after its completion .

So there are two steps for that :
1 Create the sitemap.xml . As shown in video you can create the xml file from some xml generater websites . After that download and upload it in oyur root directory .

2. Go to Google Search Console and then click on add property and add the website in URL Prefix section if the website is working with https otherwise if the website is without https then choose the domain section .
Now if you choose the domain section then you need to verify the domain ownership with txt method .
If you choose URL prefix method you can easily without waiting verify it with HTML file upload method.
Once the Verification complete , go to sitemap section in search console and then paste sitemap.xml as shown in video and it will successfully submitted and your site will come in google within 24 hours .

YouTube video

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