July 24, 2021



How to Set Up WP Mail SMTP Plugin WordPress

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How to Set Up SMTP Using the WP Mail SMTP Plugin Have you set up forms on your WordPress site, only to find that the emails aren’t getting delivered?

It’s common to see email delivery issues in WordPress, but this can be fixed by using WP Mail SMTP for reliable, authenticated email delivery.

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to use WP Mail SMTP to fix email delivery Why Aren’t Emails Getting Delivered?

There are two main reasons that WordPress emails don’t deliver successfully: server configuration and spam filtering.

WordPress, and WordPress plugins, will by default send email using the PHP mail() function. This is a simple way of sending email, and many WordPress hosting servers are not configured to use this mail() function. So to resolve this issue make sure three things your webmail is working , Email ids are created and Email ids should be whitelisted ( registered Email Id option in cPanel)

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