June 17, 2021



How To Setup WP Mail SMTP Plugin With GMAIL

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In today,s Video I will show you how to set up WP MAIL SMTP Plugin with GMAIL. Its a very easy process but before proceeding for the further procedure make sure these three things should be done which is as follows :

1. Email Id should be created in webmail.

2. Incoming and Outgoing mails should be working.

3. PHP mail Script should be working. If the above steps are working then download the plugin and activate it.

Fill up the FROM EMAIL field and then choose gmail option or google option. Now when you choose the gmail or google option it will ask for client ID and client secret key.

For getting these credentials you need to click on the below link and log in Google API console panel :


After Login to Panel Follow The below Steps :

1. Click On New project .

2. Fill up the details in Credentials sewction , choose ” web javascript “.

3. Select User Data and click on “What Credentials o i need “.

4. Make Sure domain is verified and added .

5. Fill up all the detail and paste the authorized redirect url as shown in video.

6. Set up Oauth Constent Screen , Manually type the website link and name.

7. You will get the Client ID , Go to credentials section and get the secret key.

8. Now Paste the authorized redirect Url in credentials section and now allow the permission in google and mail will start working.


YouTube video

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