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Secure WordPress With Google reCAPTCHA – Complete 5 Minute Process.

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Google Captcha For WordPress – Complete 5 Minute Process.

Cybersecurity is the one critical area that worries every other Internet user to corporate with web portal administrators. Since WordPress powers more than 30 percent websites on the Internet, it often becomes a prime target for hackers and spammers. Many experts suggest that WordPress hosting and security is as important as speeding up your WordPress site.


Follow the Below Steps to install Google captcha :

Step 1: Install Google Invisible reCAPTCHA Plugin

To add this useful plugin to your site, log in to your WordPress Admin Dashboard, navigate to Plugins – Add New, search for Invisible reCAPTCHA for WordPress and install the plugin

– Once installed and activated, you will see a new label Invisible reCAPTCHA under the Settings tab. You will find several settings to configure the plugin.


Step 2: Authentication – Connect WordPress Website with Google Account


– As invisible reCAPTCHA is a Google product, therefore, it first needs to be connected to your Google account. First login your Google account, open this link to register the website with your Google account by filling in the required fields

Once registered, you will get the Site and Secret keys.

Copy and Paste these keys in the plugin’s settings

Now the Captcha is ready to use . Log out from wordpress and then login again , now you will see a captcha verification while logging

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