June 17, 2021



Set Reverse DNS and PTR Records – Stop Mails From being Spammed

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How to Set reverse DNS :

First copy the IP of our server for example my IP is

This IP is used for example so that you can understand how to set these in reverse direction in coding.

Now most important step copy the first three part of IP in reverse direction in the mentioned command :

1 Run the SSH or putty log in to server and run the below command :

dig +nssearch 3.2.1.in-addr.arpa

2 After that log in to WHM and go to Add a DNS zone :

Add IP in “IP Section ” and “3.2.1.in-addr.arpa.” in domain section

3 After add the DNS go to edit DNS option and add the PTR records as shown in the video

4 Once the PTR records are set you can verify the same by running the below commands :


If reverse DNS set up it will show like this domain name pointer www.example.com.

YouTube video

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